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Chapter 7: The Wedding

"You nervous?" asked SkyMint's stepmom, Jill Bean.
"Yeah and she's sad and wishes this wasn't happening." Midnight, SkyMint's stepsister, answered for her.
"Midnight! You promised not to read my mind!" said SkyMint angrily as she was putting her dress on.
"I didn't, you're just that easy to read Minty!"
It was an hour until the royal wedding was to start and SkyMint's bride's maids where mostly done getting dressed and where talking. SkyMint's dress was on and Rarity and Jill were doing her makeup.
Midnight and Missy were doing each other's makeup and hair. SkyMint's little half-sister, Julie Bean, was playing with the flowers she would soon be throwing down the aisle.
"Julie," SkyMint said to her, "please don't get any jelly beans in the flowers."
SkyMint knew her little sister well and knew she was already eating her favorite candy, losing some here and there.
"Sorry Minty." she replied with a giggle.

"Well Mackenzie, how do I look?" Discord asked his best man.
"Great! What about me?"
Discord was wearing a custom tuxedo made by Rarity. Mackenzie was wearing a matching tux.
"Great, you remember what to do?"
"When the priest asks for the rings I give them to you and mom."
"Good boy! Now come on its time for us to go." said Discord.
Discord walked down the aisle and got into position, with Mackenzie next to him.

As SkyMint started down the aisle a, what seemed like a broken "here comes the bride" played. Many ponies fought the need to cover their ears to give SkyMint looks of encouragement.
Little Julie happily threw the flower petals, along with a few jelly beans.
SkyMint's bride's maids followed behind Julie two at a time.
Nopony seemed to be happy other than Discord and Mackenzie.
SkyMint finally reached the front and, to everyponies relief, the music stopped.

After the vows Discord placed SkyMint's crown on top of her head to show everypony she was now his queen.
"You may kiss the bride." said the priest.
Discord smiled and kissed his queen and everypony fake cheered for the "happy" couple.

Not surprisingly the wedding reception was not the best but lots of ponies were dancing, most involuntarily. The food was manly candy and sugary snacks that Discord picked out himself, though the young foals didn't mind too much. There was no one type of music playing just a strange mix of music. Most of the decorations were made of cotton candy which was attracting ants and other pests.

"SkyMint there's somepony I want you to meet." Discord said to his new wife.
A purple and white pony with strange eyes floated up to them with a smile on her face.
"This is my daughter Screwball. She was created out of my chaos." Discord gave his daughter a hug and a kiss.
"It's nice to finally meet you SkyMint, but I guess now I should call you mom." she laughed with a laugh that was a lot like Discord's.
"Hello Screwball. May I ask how come I haven't met you before today?"
"Well somepony has to cause chaos when Daddy is busy. That's why I'm not his heir, I'd rather help him with his work then rule." she smiled and hugged SkyMint and Discord and floated off to dance with her new brother.
"Thanks for telling me you had a daughter." SkyMint said sarcastically.
"Hey I was kinda busy with the wedding plans. I may have had time to tell you if you had helped me!" Discord said angrily, but anger melted into pure bliss as he dragged SkyMint to the dance floor.

Finally the wedding was over and everypony started heading for home. SkyMint's family was going to stay at the castle to watch Mack and Missy while Discord and SkyMint went on their honeymoon. The honeymoon, Discord said, was a surprise.
"Bye sweetheart we'll see you next week." said SkyFighter, "Be safe and try to have fun."
SkyMint smiled and hugged her father. She gave everypony hugs and kisses.
"Mackenzie Missy you both behave and listen to your grandparents ok?"
"Yes mommy." said Mackenzie.
Missy just looked down.
"Hey Missy everything is going be ok, I love you sweetheart." SkyMint kissed her daughter's head and walked to Discord.
SkyMint gave a final wave goodbye and Discord teleported them off.
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I fell in love with the song Daddy Discord ([link]) So I HAD to find a way to put Screwball in here :la:
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